Football Recruiting

Class of 2011

Patrick Coyne – QB – 6’2″, 220 – Hamilton, Ohio – Badin – 4.7 40



Patrick Coyne is pretty much the perfect fit for Butch Jones’s offense. He has a strong arm, and he can make all the throws. His footwork can be a bit iffy, and it is far from consistent down to down. Because of that his accuracy tends to wander away from him at time. My primary worry is his decision making. But the thing that makes Pat such a great fit for this offense is his athletic ability running the football. He is not a Munchie Legaux type athlete and is far more likely to run over a defender than to sprint by him. Butch Jones likes to use the QB as a power runner in certain situations and that is a role that Coyne can fit quite well with UC. This is probably the only QB UC will take in this class. If Braxton Miller, or Cole Stoudt want to make a commitment to UC I am sure the staff would take them. But if Pat Coyne is it at QB for this class I am more than cool with it. He can be a very productive college QB in this scheme.

Update: June 2nd – Named to the initial Rivals 250 as the 215th best prospect in the country.

Justin Murray – OT – 6’5″ , 250 – Cincinnati, Ohio – Sycamore – 5.5 40

Rivals – N/A


Murray is a very good athlete for a high school offensive lineman. He has good feet and carries himself very well. He reminds me quite a bit of Sam Griffin. Though Murray is a much bigger kid in terms of weight than Griffin was coming out of high school. I doubt that Murray will have anything resembling the problems putting on weight like Griffin has. Griffin played last year at around 265, he held up very well, but struggled with bigger defensive ends like Jabaal Sheard. Given a couple of years in the weight room Murray has the frame to add about 40 pounds and play very effectively. The thing that I like best about him is his aggressiveness in run blocking. He has a nasty streak to him. Murray is most likely a 3 star player when all is said and done. This is the only video I could find on Murray and is rather short but it is video none the less.

Nick Temple – OLB – 5’10” 200 – Indianapolis – Warren Central – 40; 4.6



Temple is an explosive athlete who flies to the Football. He is a well schooled player. He has a knack for shooting the gaps in the coverages of offensive lines when he blitzes in the interior, but the where he shows a ton of ability is blitzing off the edge. He has so much speed that he often beats the offensive tackle to the point of engagement. He is a very good player in space. He can cover and contain backs and receivers in the phone booth. Many people are projecting him at safety because of his size, or lack there of. However I think he will stick as a weakside linebacker. UC does not have an abundance of linebackers who have the athletic ability to play that position, but Temple does have that athletic ability in addition to a nose for the Football.

Brandon Mitchell – DT – 6’2″ 300 – Cincinnati – Withrow – 40; N/A

Rivals – N/A


Mitchell is a pretty typical under the radar local kid in many respects. He plays at Withrow which has a pretty decent history of producing talented players despite limited success on the field. He defiantly has a big upside, you don’t find many legit 300 pounders with his feet or his get off. He has incredibly strong upper body. The problem is that Mitchell doesn’t always utilize the totality of his physical gifts on every play. He has very good feet for a kid his size, but he seems to prefer using just his raw strength to overpower offensive linemen. That works fine sometimes, but against top class competition it is a very hit or miss strategy. Video here.

Alex Chisum – WR – 6’2″ 185 – Tyrone, Georgia – Sandy Creek – 40; 4.5



Big, physical wide receiver. Chisum is a long strider who is deceptively adept at two things you wouldn’t expect a guy his size to do. The first is eating up the cushion DB’s give him in zone coverage, the second is getting into and out of his breaks. By far his best attribute as a receiver is his route running. He sets up defensive backs with a variety of stutter steps and feints that you don’t see executed at  high level very often at the high school level. He isn’t a dominating athlete like Dyjuan Lewis is, but he is very sound technically.


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