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Florida WR Picks Bearcats

Chris Moore a 6’0″ 170 WR from Jefferson High School in Tampa Florida has pledged to UC. He becomes the 10th member of this class and the third and most likely final WR in this class. Moore had over a dozen offers and was reported to settle on a final two of Michigan State and UC a few weeks before casting his lot with the Bearcats. With Moore in the fold UC has addressed their need at WR with a couple of guys who play in the slot with Shaq Washington and now Moore, and a bigger vertical threat with Alex Chisum. Jones and Co still have some work to do in the 2011 class. There are between 8-10 spots left in this class and there are still some positions of major need. Jones needs at least two RB’s, two LB’s and probably another defensive end and then a safety to meet the need for this class.


Chad West Commits to UC

Chad West a 6’6″ 230 pound defensive end from Perry, Ohio committed to UC this weekend. His offer and subsequent commitment took place over the weekend as coach Jones and the staff had an event for some of their targets for the classes of 2011 and 2012. Chad was given three stars from Rivals and has yet to be evaluated by scout. West is like many of the defensive line commits in the past two years as the most likely adjective a person would attribute to them is that they are long. But unlike Josh Russ or Camaron Beard, Chad West has the frame to put on 40 or 50 pounds and slide inside to play as a three technique defensive tackle and play it well. He had BCS offers from West Virginia, Kansas, Iowa State and Syracuse as well as a handful of MAC schools. West is the 9th commit in the 2011 class and by my math this class is roughly halfway full.


Sorry for the short entry but time isn’t abundant in its availability tonight. It appears that UC has picked up its 8th commitment of the year from Parker Ehinger from Rockford Michigan. He is an offensive tackle that stands 6’8″ and weighs in at 260 pounds. He doesn’t have any other BCS offers that I am aware of. He is unevaluated by rivals and gets three stars from scout. A few of quick points.

  • with this commitment its pretty clear what Coach Jones is looking for in offensive linemen. He wants athletic bodies, kids with good feet with the potential to add 40 or 50 pounds to contribute down the line. Ehringer fits that to a T
  • Ehinger has done very well at the camps he has attended this summer, Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue. Common consensus labels him as one of the 20 best players in Michigan.
  • Lastly there are some rumblings that this commitment isn’t sitting all that well in his circle and may not last, but for the moment he is a Bearcat

Shaq Washington Commits to the Bearcats

Shaq Washington out of Maple Heights near Cleveland committed to UC today. Washington is a 5’9″ 160 pound receiver who will play in the slot for Butch Jones and Co. He is a three star prospect for both Rivals and Scout. ┬áHe plays QB for the Mustangs, but is a slot receiver all the way in college. I have mentioned in the past how Jones likes to get his receivers involved in the running game. Washington is a perfect candidate to fill that role, he plays essentially as a single wing QB for Maple Heights, he has the ball in his hands at all time and is a very effective runner despite his smaller stature. Washington isn’t necessarily the best prospect, but he is a fantastic player.

Football Picks Up Another

Butch Jones and staff picked up another commitment, but it came out of left field. Way out of left field, from the left coast actually. Daniel Murray from Torrey Pines High School in the San Diego area committed to UC on Friday. Murray was part of a bus tour that criss crossed the country and made a stop at UC where he picked up an offer. He also picked up a Kentucky offer on the same trip. I will be brutally honest, I know next to nothing about Murray, he isn’t in the rivals database and scout has not gotten round to evaluating him. This video has made the rounds among the various UC sites and he looks promising in it.

Welcome to UC Daniel

Basketball Gets a Commit

It is Ge’Lawn Guyn per Evan Daniels Twitter.

Guyn is going to be a member of the 2011 class. Guyn hails from Georgetown Kentucky but will be spending the coming school year in New Hampshire at Brewster Academy. He is ranked as a three star prospect by rivals and granted two by scout in their database for the 2010 class, unranked for 2011. Here is a writeup by Bluegrass State Basketball about Guyn and his decision to go to Brewster. He is a nice looking player, has a very good jumpshot, but is not opposed to putting the ball on the floor and heading to the bucket to get points. Is an active defender who plays the passing lanes very well. Heres a vid to illustrate his offensive prowess.

That Makes Two

UC picked up another commitment, at least thats the indication as of 10:46 on Thursday. There is a link on the front page of about a commitment from a 2011 WR. But because I don’t have a account with bearcatlair I can’t be sure who it is. Scout has the commitment being Alex Chisum a three star wide receiver from Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone Georgia, an exurb of Atlanta. But until the commitment is updated in the rivals database I can’t be too sure with scouts history of falsely reported commitments. Anyway that is the same high school that produced Calvin Johnson aka Megatron back in 2004. Chisum isn’t quite the athletic freak that Johnson was and is, but he is a very good prospect. He seems to be a bit like Armon Binns, he isn’t the biggest or fastest but is a very smooth guy in and out of his breaks and he sets up defenders with his route running. He also has fantastic ball skills and a good understanding of how to clear space to make catches. You can tell that he is very well coached, that point is corroborated by the AAAA state title that they won last fall. All in all this is another very good get from coach Jones.

Welcome to the Bearcat program Mr. Chisum

update 6:30 AM rivals has indeed updated their database with Chisum listed as a UC recruit.