Basketball Recruiting

With full disclosure. I am not that well connected. I do not have a bevy of sources. Most of what I know for certain when it comes to UC recruiting comes almost entirely from the commitment lists available at the Cincinnati Rivals and Scout sites. I do have opinions, obviously, but in basketball terms I am not overly knowledgeable at least not relative to Football which is my strength.

Class of 2010

Justin Jackson – PF – 6’8″, 220 pounds – Jacksonville, Florida – Arlington Country Day

Rivals –

Scout –

I like Jackson as a player. He is pretty athletic, attacks the basket with consistency, shoots free throws surprisingly well. Plays with tremendous energy, parlays his energy into rebounding at a high clip. Not sure what kind of impact he can have as a freshman, but given the lack of depth in the post for UC in 2010-11 I bet he can find a niche in the rotation.

Kelvin Gaines – C – 6’10”, 225 – Jacksonville, Florida – Arlington Country Day

Rivals –

Scout –

Gaines is a very, very raw player. I think that he needs a couple of years to become a competent threat on the offensive end. That being said he is 6’10” and pretty mobile. I think the only thing that he can do at a high level with any consistency right now is to defend the basket. He has good length and shot blocking instincts. I think he can be an adequate backup at the center position if you keep his minutes down.


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