April 22nd Links

I don’t really have the time to do a links post every day. Between my last full time quarter at UC and trying to find a job with the degree I will get in June time is in short supply. So I will try to do a round up of relevant links once a week. Be forewarned, it is Big 10 expansion heavy.

Isiah Pead left practice on crutches today. Looks like there will be lots and lots of Darrin Williams at the weekend.

Marquis Teauge committed to UK today. I guess that the Indianapolis Pike pipeline does not cross sports and remains Football only.

A surprisingly good job here on this piece on Evan Davis by Bill Koch.

A good look at Mardy in preparation for the draft.

Jim Delany, full time total dickhead and part time Big 10 commissioner, two related positions by the way, denies that the Big 10 is accelerating expansion plans.

The NCAA tournament is expanding…to 68 teams. Somehow the compromise between a 96 or 80 team tournament and the current model is to add 3 teams. Also Turner Broadcasting and CBS outbid ESPN for the tourney rights which is, interesting.

So as it turns out the media completely over reacted to the Big 10 story line. I may have gotten a bit hyperbolic myself. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with crazy hypothetical scenarios.

The Bearcats Blog has  a great write up on D’Juan Baker. He wasn’t one of my all time favorite Bearcats, but I loved the way he always brought it when it mattered.

Not much has been spoken about how Big 10 expansion would effect Basketball, all the talk has been about Football. But the expansion may do more harm than good on the Basketball Front.

Louisville has the same question UC has vis-a-vis conference expansion.

A Pitt perspective on the Big 10 brake stomping.

I am pretty sure that Paul Tagliabue is out of his depth in the new role he has taken for the Big East.

The BCS has given the Mountain West Conference a chance to be the 7th automatic qualifying conference. Not that it will matter when the conference expansion butterfly effect takes hold and the MWC loses Utah, TCU and possibly BYU to other conferences taking the MWC’s long term viability with them.

I fully realize that most of this stuff is a touch on the depressing side. It was certainly depressing to compile it. So to address that check out this youtube.

There, now don’t you feel just a little bit better?


2 responses to “April 22nd Links

  1. I don’t think any BE Football school has anything to worry about from Big 10 expansion. Any team that does not wind up in the Big 10 will become a commodity to the SEC, Big 12, or ACC. The success of the Big 10 Network is what guarantees this. The SEC, Big 12, and ACC “Networks” are not far behind. It’s about expanding the coverage area of your network. The more households you reach, the more money you make. How does the Big 12 do that…oh maybe by taking in Cinncy and Lville or perhaps those two plus WVU and Pitt. The Big 10 Commish is not going the route of that slime-ball ACC commish. He is well aware that he is setting in motion a chain of events that will reshape the college FB world. He is not looking to destroy other conferences, so much as he wants first choice on expansion candidates over other conferences. This thing will sort itself out and be good for College FB in the long run.

  2. If the SEC expands they won’t be taking any of the Big East schools. They would most likely take a run at Texas and maybe Texas A&M. If they want to do what they did last time and take one school for each division the options in the East are Clemson or Florida State. There is a strong possibility that the Big 12 and Big East could both be picked apart by conference expansion. And it is happening, Jim Delany knows that the Big 10 is falling behind the SEC and to a lesser extent the Big 12 in all sports but revenue sports in particular. He can’t afford for that to take place, but the only way to combat those effects is to expand the size of the conference. No other conference commissioner will stand pat and let that happen without some sort of response in terms of expansion.

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